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Driving Global Economic Innovation By Supporting Grassroots Impact Leaders

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We believe business can be



We believe business can be


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We believe business can be


"The economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment" - Gaylord Nelson

Arden Global is a women-led seed fund & venture studio that supports the mission-driven entreprenuers and artists redesigning the economy & healing the planet.

We’re a resource hub for an eco-system of projects dedicated to the same set of values - that health is a product of the environment, the community, and the individual working in harmony with nature.

We invest in two things:

Community Development &

Sustainable Infrastructure


We invest in projects that forward our mission of providing mentorship, training, coaching, and support in holistic healthcare, impact entrepreneurship, or community empowerment.


We invest in builders and project developers creating spaces in harmony with nature, innovating the green building space, or designing new ways of cultivating healthy communities through architecture.


Mary Bernitt is the CEO and Founder at the seed fund and venture studio Arden Global, where she invests in alternative medicine, social equity, and regenerative economy projects. She’s also a transformational teacher and coach.